There's no going back to the place we started from. All secrets known.
The way I view it, the only way to find out what’s going on in life is to go through it full force with your head down and to smack into a few walls on the way. That’s the only way to learn. Then, hopefully after a while, you figure out which ones not to keep hitting.
—Jerry Cantrell (via vibestung)
Me: Mom, he is just 69
Me: Mom, He is just 67
Me: Mom, he is just 70
Me: Mom, he is just dead


things i do in my free time

  • listen to bands
  • look at pictures of bands
  • watch band interviews
  • read about bands
  • cry over bands

super duper megamorgenstern tagged me. Thanks, lady!

Rule #1: Always post the rules.
Rule #2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, then write 11 new ones.
Rule #3: Tag 11 people and link them in this post.
Rule #4: Tell them you tagged them

Her questions:

1. What is your favourite kind of sports? I like running. If it’s to watch, I love watching the Olympic Games.
2. Was there a person in your life that broke your heart? Sure there was!
3. Dave Gahan or Michael Hutchence? Dave Gahan.
4. What is the job of your dream? Professional musician in a successful band (and tour the world!)
5. Do you want to have a family and children some day? Sure. 
6. In your opinion, who’s the sexiest person ever? Jerry Cantrell is pretty damn hot. 
7. What do you prefer: hot or cold climate? cold
8. Can you call yourself a gamer? Yes
9. Your favourite TV series? Breaking Bad was pretty cool. I love the X-Files though.
10. Have you ever faced paranormal activity? A few times.
11. Batman or Superman? Batman!

I’m not making questions or tagging people this time but I’m super thankful for being tagged. xx

lyrics & cover please

Hello there!

  • lyrics:what’s a lyric you wouldn’t mind getting tattooed?
    I already have tattooed “My pain is self chosen” in my left forearm but I’d like to get a few more from Alice in Chains/Layne Staley/Jerry Cantrell solo career
  • cover:favorite cover?
    I don’t know! Probably Van Halen - You Really Got Me or Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This). Yeah, not a big fan of covers. Also I think that Corey Taylor covers Nutshell very nicely.
    Now, if we’re talking about album covers (which I suppose we’re not) I’m interested in 90’s album covers. They used to be pretty cool back then.

Thank you very much <3

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