There's no going back to the place we started from. All secrets known.
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Guitar Magazine: Your approach to problem solving in your songs seems to be to face them - not by masochistically pushing yourself too hard but by letting the songs be your therapy and gently guide you to new realizations and attitudes that'll change your behavior.
Jerry Cantrell: I'm just beginning to see the outlines of that silhouette in my life. I've realized that rushing in and pushing to make things right just fucks things up. Right now it's so hard, because I want to take control and be impulsive instead of letting things happen and unfold.
Guitar Magazine: But that's what you're doing with your music - so much so that Dirt is almost like a complete being in the midst of waking up. If the album could explain itself in one paragraph, what would it say?
Jerry Cantrell: It's a living thing, a person who's been down a lot of different roads - has weighed it all and is NOT bitter. He or she has had a lot of negative experiences - but has a lot of hope for life and enjoys the process of living. And he'll keep moving... like a shark.
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